Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been doing radio for the better part of 18 years, starting with my first radio station in the small town of Carlsbad, NM. Since then, radio has taken me from Texas to Arizona, working at various radio stations in a variety of formats. The one constant thing for me has been that I've done morning radio for almost my entire career. I get asked all of the time, "What makes good morning radio?". My answer? I don't know. But, I will do my best to answer that question in the following paragraphs. That being said, I would like to say that these are ONLY opinions, and should not be thought of as the law. LOL!

First, you have to answer the question "Why would you want to do morning radio?". My answer when I first started doing radio was simple...the money. Except for some rare cases, morning radio personalities earn more $$ than their colleagues in other dayparts (middays, afternoons, nights, overnights, weekends, and "we need a body in the building in case of a fire at 3:30am on a Sunday morning"). You see, the fact that I'm a morning person has NOTHING to do with why I do morning radio. In fact, most morning radio personalities I know are some of the most non-morning people I know. The real answer is that I want to entertain people.

Let me take you through a typical day for a morning radio personality. First off, your show usually starts at 6am (5am for some, but truth be told, most if not all of that 5-6am hour is some form of a repeat from a previous show...shhh). With a show starting at 6am, I was usually up at 4:30am. I tried to be out the door of my house by 5am. I had a 10 minute commute, so I arrived at the studio around 5:15am. This gave me a 45 minute window to do what folks in the radio biz call SHOW PREP, one of the most important aspects of your show but unfortunately not always used by some radio folks I know. Show prep is where you gather any important info, audio, or video for your personal DJ blog on the station's website. What happened from the day before or overnight? Did a celebrity or public figure pass away? Did Lindsay Lohan get into another car chase at 3am? Did Kate Gosselin have another child overnight? Major car accident on the local freeway? You must gather all of this info and be ready so that when the show begins, you aren't on air sounding like an idiot who just woke up yourself. Remember, people count on the morning radio DJ to get this info and get their day started (shower, breakfast, commute to school, work, etc). If the morning jock isn't prepared, it will come through on air. Have you ever heard a morning show come on air and not have audio ready to go of the movie starlet's funny acceptance speech from the previous night's awards show? All you hear is "Hey. Do we have that audio? Oh we don't? Well we'll play it for you's good me!" This is a show that isn't prepared...showing a lack of show prep. If people can't trust the morning DJ they hear to give them trivial info ("Hey! Oprah cursed on Leno last night! Listen to THIS!"), how can folks trust them with news, weather, or traffic?

Well, now you're on air. Play the tunes, right? Of course, but you also have to give away prizes and take phone calls. This is both the best and worst part of any DJ's job, mornings or not. Now before you get upset, let me explain. When you start your day as a morning jock, you have to not only see what prizes you have to give away, but you also have to decide how you want to give them away (caller #9 when you a certain song? "Battle of the Sexes"? etc). Guess what? Giving away $100 to a listener just because they called in and asked for it isn't on the list. Unfortunately, most DJ's have to deal with these types of callers more than any other type. Folks in radio call these people "prize pigs". I call them something else, but I won't get into that right now. These people call for EVERY contest...EVERY day...without fail. When they win, they are usually told about rules that restrict them from winning again for another 30 days. They say they understand. The next morning? You guessed it. There they are, calling in. They are caller #9 and they want to take today's prize and give back yesterday's prize. Or they call in to win and ask if they can put today's winning prize in their mother/daughter/father/brother/dog's name, as to not break the 30 day rule. Don't believe me? The next time you should meet your favorite DJ, ask them about it. If they don't dodge the question, you'll see that I'm correct.

I was told a while ago by one of my radio mentors (every DJ has at least one...kind of like a "radio Yoda") that a morning radio show isn't one long 4 hour show, but 12 shorter, 20 minute programs. Truth be told, most people don't listen to a morning show for the entire program. Good morning radio programs have these 12 "mini-shows" and find ways to entertain the listener for each and every one of them. Phone topics, celebrity gossip, personal opinions, games and giveaways, and info(traffic & news) take up most of these. Again, it's all dependant on a show's ability to be prepared each day.

Now, good morning radio isn't completely reflected in the ratings. In my 18 years of radio, I've heard numerous morning shows claim to be #1 (Thank you for making us NUMBER 1!"). Truth is that these shows usually have other facts working in their favor, most of which have absolutely NOTHING to do with their show. Their show may air on the only, say, country radio station in the market. Or maybe they work for the staion in town that has been number one since radio was invented. Good morning radio is just that...good morning radio, regardless of ratings. I've heard shows before where I say to myself "Wow! What a good show. Too bad their station has a bad signal and no one can hear the show." I've also heard shows where I say "Man, this show is awful! They sound confused and unprepared. I can't believe people actually listen to this."

I may or may not have answered the original question to this article. Chances are that I didn't...LOL! I guess I honestly feel that good morning radio involves a lot of variables. Personality of the DJ, being prepared, ability to connect with your audience, gaining the trust of your listeners, and entertaining them. Radio folks may or may not agree with what I wrote here, but again, it's just opinion.

For those of you that aren't in radio, maybe you'll open your ears to listen for what good radio actually sounds like. So the next time your DJ says "Oh...we don't have that audio" or can't remember the name of the celebrity that fell down on the awards show last night and just says "Oh...whatever her name is", you'll realize that the show you're listening to isn't prepared, which isn't good. On the flip side, if the morning show you listen to is engaging you into conversation, always has you updated on important(and not so important) information and most importantly, keeps you from thinking about changing the station dial...then you know you're listening to good morning radio. Thanks for reading, and as always...KEEP IT REAL!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

News, Notes, and Random stuff...

It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. I feel like a bad parent! LOL! When I created "Unfiltered", my intention was to blog my thoughts on various subjects...humor, music, movies, and general rants about things that upset me. However, I seem to find myself on Twitter so often that I tend to just rant there. I hope to find other interseting things to discuss here on my blog in the future. Please follow my Twitter feed at for rants that come from the top of my dome. That being said, here are a few notes and random stuff...

I was happy to hear that my friend Erica Viking, formerly of 94 Rock, had landed a new morning radio gig at Coyote 102.5. She is an incredible personality and deserves everything good that comes to her. I'm sure she will do well. She's going to have to learn the art of doing a one-person morning show. It isn't easy...I should know! LOL...

I'd like to thank the folks at Leo's Nightclub that approached me recently telling me how much they miss me doing the hosting duties (I was released from the club a few weeks ago due to a "business decision"...story of my life). It always feels good to be missed. I was actually approached at Wal Mart 2 weeks ago by a gentleman at the registers. I was waiting for my wife to finish our transaction when the man rolled up on me, stared a second, then asked if I was Big Benny. I replied "yes", and he proceeded to tell me how much he liked my radio show, and he then proceeded to call me the most entertaining DJ in! All of this was told to me 1 FULL YEAR after I had been released from Clear Channel Radio's Hot 95.1. He also said he sent an angry e-mail on my behalf after I was let go. Again...I appreciate it...

So I stopped watching "American Idol" after Big Mike was voted off, and don't really care if Crystal or Lee wins the contest. I guess I'm bitter because "Idol" has become a shell of what the show was designed to do, in my opinion. Follow me here...when the show began, we all seemed to vote for the person who we thought was the best singer, and who we thought could sell some serious albums. Unfortunately, the show has become a program where young kids seem to text in votes at a ridiculous pace, based solely on how cute a contestant might be. This year, Big Mike easily had the best singing voice. However, he would have finished like, 6th or something due to votes if the judges hadn't saved him. At least the judges knew he had a great voice...they had to save Mike from America. If the show continues after judge Simon Cowell leaves, then I will lower my expectations. Instead of expecting the most talented artist to win, I will treat "Idol" as nothing more than a glorified karaoke/popularity contest. That way I won't get upset when I see very talented performers axed from the show due to the fact that they don't appeal to 16 year old girls in Iowa with automated voting texts and calls! LOL! PS - Ellen part of "American Idol" this season. Kara DioGuardi? Worst part (girl, stay a judge. You're fine, but doing 'Maxim' photo shoots doesn't help your credibility with me).

OK...I'd better end it there. Look for more from this blog in the future. Thanks for reading, and as always, KEEP IT REAL!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where's The Party At?

I added the video above for you to watch because there is a growing problem in America's nightclubs, and this video is NOT the problem. The video is from the 1984 movie "Beat Street", in which inner city youngsters do whatever they can to have a party. When the DJ gets power in the room, he immediately gets the crowd pumped up for a good time, saying "It's working!". Every time he calls out to the crowd, the crowd responds very enthusiastically. Everyone in the room wants to have a great time and dance. The effort to have a good time is well defined and everyone participates to reach that goal.

Flash forward to 2009. Pick a club. Any club in America. I can say with almost 90% certainty that you will find, on any given night, at any given club, a crowd of people that got dressed up and came to the club not to dance and have a good time, but to be seen by others and give off an "attitude". Who are we talking about? Who are these people ruining a perfectly good night of dancing? Well, I have a few suspects in mind to alert you to. Ready? Here we go:

1. The "Wanna be DJ" - This person has decided that since the moment they entered the club, they know what everyone else wants to hear. They approach the DJ while the floor is packed dancing to "Drop It Low" by Ester Dean to tell them that it's time to play "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard instead...with a serious face too!

2. The "Ghost Dancer" - This person walks up to the DJ booth, tells the DJ that they need to play a song. No. They DEMAND that the DJ play that song. When the DJ plays the song for them? They decide to bounce up and down in their seat, singing the words like it's a damn karaoke night, without EVER setting foot on the dancefloor! (For the record, this person bothers me most because if they just wanted to hear the song, they should stay home and listen on their iPod or radio).

3. The "Parking Lot Pimp/Pimpette" - This person does nothing except show up to the club, wearing their best clothes...criticizing the work of the DJ, hitting on every person they see, and just basically takes up space. They don't need to dance. They want to stand up against the bar and let everybody know they are in da BUILDING! Their only real need is to wait to see who gets intoxicated beyond recognition so they can hit on them and hope they take that drunk person home (translation: desperatation.)

Now, you may know of others, but I'm writing this because DJ's all across America grow frustrated by crowds that show up, only to stand around and ruin the "party" process.

It used to be that a DJ/MC only had to ask a club crowd "Party people are you ready to rock? Let me hear you scream!" to get a positive reaction from a crowd. In 2009, I personally have resorted to telling crowds "Ugly people stay in your chairs!" or "I'm going to start calling bingo numbers to you if you don't get up and old are you?". Of course there's my favorite line to get folks to get up and dance..."We're going to start playing Country music!" That one ALWAYS lights a fire under the crowd.

The main point of this entire rant I'm spewing right now is that if you take the time to get dressed, find a designated driver, pay a cover (if you have to pay a cover), pay for drinks, drink those drinks, and put up with crowds, security, etc, shouldn't you also be there to PARTY AND HAVE A GOOD TIME?

Last time I checked, there was nothing shameful, embarrassing, or wrong with having a good time at a club. Do you know why? Because the purpose of a dance club is to! If you want to stand at the bar, act like you know the music better than the DJ, try to act like you are better than other folks in the club, or request songs and then not dance to them, do the rest of us a big favor, and KEEP YOUR SORRY ASS AT HOME! Thanks for reading...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anyone ever wonder why it is that when the holidays roll around, we all seem to go out of our minds trying to make the holidays "perfect"? We need to get Junior the newest video game. We check the "Hot Holiday Top 10 Toys" to make sure we're not missing anything. The holidays are nothing more than the ultimate "keeping up with the Jones's".

I actually met someone a few years ago that purchased the Tickle Me Elmo doll that at the time was THE must have toy that holiday season. Problem? This person didn't have any kids and had no family members to give it to. Only when I asked them who was going to get it did they admit to me that they didn't know. I advised them to donate it to Toys For Tots. The point was that they only purchased that toy because it was a "must have". I suggested rehab, to no avail.

It's gotten worse this holiday season. "Pre-Black Friday" sales and "Black Friday BEFORE Black Friday" sales hit us this year. "Cyber Monday" was no better. My e-mail inbox was stuffed with offers from free shipping to 70% off everything. Sad.

I'm going to take a moment to tell you something. Don't put so much into Christmas that you lose the real meaning of Christmas. The economy has made it hard for a lot families to provide the kind of Christmas they'd like. As someone that is currently unemployed, I certainly can understand that. However, I've always made it a point to tell my children that Christmas has a MUCH bigger meaning than presents under a tree, even in years that I could get them whatever they want.

If you've ever listened to any number of my radio programs the last few years, you know I like to use the term "family" a lot. It's because I was always told that family is what's most important about the holidays. So I don't use the word "family" lightly. The holidays are a time for us to appreciate the people who love us and who we love.

Now...that being said, I have secured presents for my Wife and children this year. Tons of stuff? Nope. Can't afford tons. Very expensive stuff? Nope. Not the point.

My message is simple. When the presents get unwrapped...when you've taken the videos of those big smiles...when you've thrown away the wrapping paper...when your kids are playing with their toys and are in another room...don't worry about whether they like their presents. Look at your watch. It's 10am...and all of that crap you went through is over. Are you happy? If your child complained about what they didn't get, then maybe you should re-evaluate how YOU handle the holiday season.

Look, we all want to give our children everything they want for Christmas. And if you are able to do so, then good for you. I'm just saying that if you are unable to give your family the "Jones's" Christmas, don't be hard on yourself. Times are tough right now. Give your family the best Christmas that you can. Frankly, if that Christmas means sitting with family at the dinner table enjoying a meal together, then consider that a blessing. Everyone deserves a gift at Christmas time. My kids get toys and electronics, etc. I only ask that we share a big meal together so we can talk, laugh and enjoy each other as a family.

Believe me...if your kids understand that family is what Christmas is really about, then they will understand that when they grow up and (hopefully not) have to deal with the realization of how society has taken what should be a very personal holiday and commercialized and marketed it, they will be better off for it.

Besides, realizing the realities of Christmas will help you spend less and help you pay those bills off sooner in January, because guess what? Your utility bills won't wait for you to pay off that PS3 you had to get for Susie! LOL! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movies? Me?

So I was in Espanola, NM back in April 2009 at the Ohkay Casino Resort. I had just performed with legendary comedian Paul Rodriguez. Paul was nice enough to ask me to open for him. I had a great time. After the show, the after party happened in the casino's lounge. The music was good...the spirits even better. While I was there, I was surprised to run into David Valdes, a hollywood producer ("The Green Mile", "The Assasination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford") who also produced Paul's "Comedy Rehab" special that I was proud to be a part of as well in May 2008. As the night wore on, the spirits took a hold of me, and I decided it was time. Yes. I was going to "pitch" an idea to a Hollywood Espanola NM (thank God making movies is so popular in NM!). I told David my idea. I pitched it enthusiastically. I told him the concept. I told him where the idea came from. I told him...well, everything! Guess what? He LIKED it! David Valdes...Hollywood big shot...liked MY idea! I couldn't believe it. He told me we should meet soon to discuss the idea. Was it gonna be a TV sitcom? A movie? My mind was racing, yet we never met after.
Within the next 2 weeks my life changed drastically. On the Monday after I met with David Valdes in Espanola, I was honored to meet him on the set of the new movie he was producing at ABQ Studios. The movie is "The Book Of Eli", starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, and directed by The Hughes Bros. I had a great day on set. It was incredible. The next day, I was fired from my radio job at Clear Channel Radio's Hot 95.1 in Albuquerque, NM. I was a victim of budget cuts. The same day I was let go from my job I received a call from my brother to tell me that our father, who had been diagnosed with cancer 6 months earlier, was going to be flown from our small hometown to Albuquerque. So, I met my father Tuesday evening at the hospital just hours after being released from my job. My father passed on to be with the Lord on Friday afternoon later that same week. Needless to say, the whole TV/movie idea I had discussed with David Valdes was the last thing on my mind.'s been a hard 4 months now. Still no radio work for me here in Albuquerque. I keep getting asked by former listeners why I was let go. Deep down I'm very happy to hear that they don't listen to my former station anymore. Loyalty is a big thing to me. I've filled in for Bob Brown, who is the host of an afternoon sports talk show on 101.7 The Team in Albuquerque. I like it. However, the economy is my enemy once again and I can't get a permanent gig there either. I've been passed over for a couple of positions on air. I get the same story every time. "Benny, you know we love you. Management loves you. But they hired someone else." Trust me. After 17 years in the biz, I still am surprised to find out that people you thought were there for you can dissapear real quick when you need them most. But enough whining from me.

I'm still doing the stand up comedy thing. I'll actually be opening for "Original Latin Kings of Comedy" star Alex Reymundo on Wednesday, September 16th at Leo's in Albuquerque. It's gonna be a great show! You have to remember: this show will be ON 16th of September, which happens to be Mexican Independance Day. Leo has got a Mariachi group performing before the comedy show and he'll have drink specials on your favorite Mexican drinks (margaritas, Patron, Corona, Tecate, etc.). Those of you that know me know that I take great pride in being an American. However I also embrace, very much, my Mexican heritage as well. That is why I'm so excited to do this show (shamless plug: tickets for the event are only $20 in advance and you can call 505.341.9564 for more ticket info! LOL!). It should be a real party!

Well, on top of all that, I've decided that it's time that I get this TV/movie idea rolling. I thought "Well, I've got a lot of free time right now and the idea is mine. Why don't I just write the screenplay myself?" Great idea except for one thing...I've haven't written anything, let alone a screenplay, since high school! So it's time to learn...and quickly! I purchased a book online and I'm currently halfway through it (after 3 days I think that's pretty good, seeing as I can't read anything longer than a magazine or newspaper article without going to sleep!). I hope to start writing within the next 2 weeks or so, so I will keep you updated here on the blog. You can also follow me on Twitter at for updates.

I don't know that I'll win an Oscar or anything, but if I can sell it and make some $$, I can live with that! LOL! Talk to you soon. I love know that!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I'll start by announcing something that shouldn't be a shock to many people that know me. I love the sport of football. I watched it and played it as a kid growing up in a small town in SE New Mexico. It's the best form of sport. Fun to play, fun to watch, and it's good to witness both live or on TV. I play fantasy football every year (and luckily my wife is cool with that). Don't get me wrong. I dig basketball and baseball (and one of the best sports watching nights for me is enjoying a great boxing match on the tube). However, they all pale in comparison to me watching my favorite team play a game. I follow high school and pro football, but nothing beats college football! It's the best. I am a huge fan of the Florida Gator football team, and watch every Saturday I can...religiously. My family doesn't interrupt me during games and some of my kids even sit with me to watch. I tell my family that I should've been born in the south, because I am a fanatic when it comes to college fotball in the Southeastern Conference. They take their football so serious there. Towns shut down. Cities throw all day tailgate parties. Win or lose, the fans arrive early every SAT in hopes that their local team will win. They cheer loudly and try to intimidate the other team. Every opposing team is the enemy. It's a sight to see, I'm sure. Unfortunately, not every region of the country is so fanatic about college football, which is why I'm writing this today.

The University of New Mexico Lobos have a new head football coach by the name of Mike Locksley. He replaces former coach Rocky Long. The day Coach Long left UNM, he berated the fans of the Duke City for not showing their support for UNM football (UNM has long been considered a basketball school). He was damn near yelling at the cameras when he said that the "damn fans" need to get in the seats. Now, Mike Locksley was formerly offensive coordinator at the University of Illinois. That's Big Ten country, where they take football very seriously as well. However, Mike Locksley also coached at, you guessed it, the University of Florida before that. And that is the reason I'm excited about this upcoming football season at UNM. On top of that, Coach Locksley has added numerous assistant coaches to his staff with SEC football backrounds (some played, some coached). It seems to me that UNM has done the right things to bring an "SEC attitude" to the team and coaching staff. Coach Locksley is implementing a spread offense which should light up the University Stadium scoreboard a lot this season. What's needed, in my opinion, is an attitude adjustment among the fans of Albuquerque.

When was the last time you went to a Lobo football game? I remember my last game. It was last season against Utah. The Lobos lost a very close game against the Utes, who by the way, ended up ranked the entire counrty! The sad part? The Lobos had a big game at home against an undefeated Utah team, and fans here in Albuquerque didn't attend! The tailgaiting seemed to be doing OK. Lotta drinking going on in the parking lot. Lotta hooting and hollering. When I asked some folks about the game, half didn't know who we were playing...the other half didn't have tickets to the game and just showed up to party in the parking lot. I honestly couldn't believe it. Also, last season I remember reading the Albuquerque Journal and readng about fans complaining that the PA system at the stadium was too loud and they couldn't hear their own conversations with their friends...WTF?!?! This is a football game! It isn't a church social! Fans should show up early, party hard in the parking lot, but then go INSIDE the stadium to continue being loud and excited for the game. If everyone will adopt that attitude, then maybe the Lobos will truly experience a "home field advantage" this season.

Now am I saying that ALL Lobo fans are at fault for lack of enthusiasm? Absolutley not. Most fans at Lobo games are excited to be there and pay attention to the game. Well versed in the sport of football is what they are. However, I AM talking about "fans" who only attend games to woo potential clients and try to conduct business meetings at the stadium. "Fans" who complain about the volume of the sound system. And my favorite "fans"? Those who stare at me when I rise out of my seat to yell something out loud. I jump up and yell "Way to stick him! Whoo!" when a Lobo defensive safety delivers a punishing hit to a wide receiver from the opposing team, and folks around me look and stare at me like "Who is THIS wacko?" My reply is always the same. "Why aren't YOU out of your seat? Did you not see what just happened?" Can you imagine if every Lobo fan jumped out of their seat when that happens? High fives to complete strangers that you don't know except for the fact that they're wearing Cherry and Silver as well? That's what I'm hoping for this upcoming season as I get ready to purchase my Lobo season tickets this week. Wanna join the fun? Pizza Hut is doing a deal starting WED, August 5th, 2009. Buy a Pizza Hut Lobo Football Family Pack for $28.99 (large specialty pizza, a large 1-topping pizza, a single order of wings, breadsticks and a two liter soda) from a participating Pizza Hut location(log onto for locations), and take your receipt to the Lobo ticket office and recieve 2 adult and 2 child season tickets in the Cherry section of University Stadium for only $96. As a married father of four, I'm gonna have to buy 2 family deals to get all of my family into the stadium! LOL!

My point to all of this simple. If you love football like I do, you'll invest in Lobo football this season. I seriously believe that something special is about to happen here in Albuquerque with Mike Locksley as head coach. I can't wait to hear Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN talking about the Lobos as potential BCS busters. Don't think it could happen here in Albuquerque? It happened in happened in Boise, Idaho with Boise St. BOISE?!?! Oh it can definately happen here if it can happen in Boise! We as fans just need to cop an attitude that no one can beat us! Not in our house...not today...not ever. The administration hired a coach (and staff) that is used to seeing a house full of crazed, football saavy fans who make tons of noise and make it very uncomfortable for opposing teams to enter! Lobo fans were always asked to "howl"...I think it's time for the fans of Lobo football to quit howling, and start GROWLING!! ME (AND MY ATTITUDE) ARE GONNA BE AT LOBO GAMES MAKING NOISE THIS SEASON. I HOPE YOU JOIN ME FOR THE PARTY!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm so sad as I write this...

Today I found out that Michael Jackson died due to cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, CA. I have a hard time comprehending the fact that he is no longer with us. I was eagerly awaiting video of his tour run in London, which he announced would happen soon. I was a fan since I was a kid. I remember playing the old 45's from his "Off The Wall" album. I remember when "Thriller" was released. I remember when every Saturday morning, I would watch Kasey Kasem's "America's Top 10 Video Countdown" show and seeing "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and such EVERY week. The posters, the "glove", the videos! Wow!

I was too young to know Michael's early music with the Jackson 5, unfortunately. Thank goodness I was introduced to his early work when I got my first radio job at Mega 95.5 in Albuquerque, NM. The station played Old School, and I became a HUGE fan of early, young, Michael Jackson. As a DJ in Old School you get to play a lot of great artists. Michael Jackson was probably one of the 3 most-played artists on Mega 95.5, as well as the last Old School station I worked at, Hot 95.1.

No one I knew could deny the fact that Michael Jackson was the best entertainer on Earth. He transcended music like no other artist in music in my opinion. All artists wanted to work with him...directors wanted to do videos with him...if Michael attended your awards show, you practically begged him to perform. As a fan you watched "Thriller", the entire 17-minute video, the day it was premiered on MTV. MTV should send the biggest bouquet of flowers to his funeral for all he did for that channel. Axl Rose once won an MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award as a member of the rock group Guns-N-Roses, and had the audacity to say "Oh yeah. This award has nothing to do with Michael Jackson." How wrong he was. EVERY artist who ever made a music video should thank Michael Jackson the next time they make a video or perform a song. The man was all about perfection.

I will go on. The world will continue to go on. However, the world of music will NEVER be the same. Rest in peace, Michael. You are truly missed here on Earth. However, the party in Heaven can officially begin. With all due respect to James Brown, Marvin Gaye and others, the "entertainment" has arrived!