Monday, August 3, 2009


I'll start by announcing something that shouldn't be a shock to many people that know me. I love the sport of football. I watched it and played it as a kid growing up in a small town in SE New Mexico. It's the best form of sport. Fun to play, fun to watch, and it's good to witness both live or on TV. I play fantasy football every year (and luckily my wife is cool with that). Don't get me wrong. I dig basketball and baseball (and one of the best sports watching nights for me is enjoying a great boxing match on the tube). However, they all pale in comparison to me watching my favorite team play a game. I follow high school and pro football, but nothing beats college football! It's the best. I am a huge fan of the Florida Gator football team, and watch every Saturday I can...religiously. My family doesn't interrupt me during games and some of my kids even sit with me to watch. I tell my family that I should've been born in the south, because I am a fanatic when it comes to college fotball in the Southeastern Conference. They take their football so serious there. Towns shut down. Cities throw all day tailgate parties. Win or lose, the fans arrive early every SAT in hopes that their local team will win. They cheer loudly and try to intimidate the other team. Every opposing team is the enemy. It's a sight to see, I'm sure. Unfortunately, not every region of the country is so fanatic about college football, which is why I'm writing this today.

The University of New Mexico Lobos have a new head football coach by the name of Mike Locksley. He replaces former coach Rocky Long. The day Coach Long left UNM, he berated the fans of the Duke City for not showing their support for UNM football (UNM has long been considered a basketball school). He was damn near yelling at the cameras when he said that the "damn fans" need to get in the seats. Now, Mike Locksley was formerly offensive coordinator at the University of Illinois. That's Big Ten country, where they take football very seriously as well. However, Mike Locksley also coached at, you guessed it, the University of Florida before that. And that is the reason I'm excited about this upcoming football season at UNM. On top of that, Coach Locksley has added numerous assistant coaches to his staff with SEC football backrounds (some played, some coached). It seems to me that UNM has done the right things to bring an "SEC attitude" to the team and coaching staff. Coach Locksley is implementing a spread offense which should light up the University Stadium scoreboard a lot this season. What's needed, in my opinion, is an attitude adjustment among the fans of Albuquerque.

When was the last time you went to a Lobo football game? I remember my last game. It was last season against Utah. The Lobos lost a very close game against the Utes, who by the way, ended up ranked the entire counrty! The sad part? The Lobos had a big game at home against an undefeated Utah team, and fans here in Albuquerque didn't attend! The tailgaiting seemed to be doing OK. Lotta drinking going on in the parking lot. Lotta hooting and hollering. When I asked some folks about the game, half didn't know who we were playing...the other half didn't have tickets to the game and just showed up to party in the parking lot. I honestly couldn't believe it. Also, last season I remember reading the Albuquerque Journal and readng about fans complaining that the PA system at the stadium was too loud and they couldn't hear their own conversations with their friends...WTF?!?! This is a football game! It isn't a church social! Fans should show up early, party hard in the parking lot, but then go INSIDE the stadium to continue being loud and excited for the game. If everyone will adopt that attitude, then maybe the Lobos will truly experience a "home field advantage" this season.

Now am I saying that ALL Lobo fans are at fault for lack of enthusiasm? Absolutley not. Most fans at Lobo games are excited to be there and pay attention to the game. Well versed in the sport of football is what they are. However, I AM talking about "fans" who only attend games to woo potential clients and try to conduct business meetings at the stadium. "Fans" who complain about the volume of the sound system. And my favorite "fans"? Those who stare at me when I rise out of my seat to yell something out loud. I jump up and yell "Way to stick him! Whoo!" when a Lobo defensive safety delivers a punishing hit to a wide receiver from the opposing team, and folks around me look and stare at me like "Who is THIS wacko?" My reply is always the same. "Why aren't YOU out of your seat? Did you not see what just happened?" Can you imagine if every Lobo fan jumped out of their seat when that happens? High fives to complete strangers that you don't know except for the fact that they're wearing Cherry and Silver as well? That's what I'm hoping for this upcoming season as I get ready to purchase my Lobo season tickets this week. Wanna join the fun? Pizza Hut is doing a deal starting WED, August 5th, 2009. Buy a Pizza Hut Lobo Football Family Pack for $28.99 (large specialty pizza, a large 1-topping pizza, a single order of wings, breadsticks and a two liter soda) from a participating Pizza Hut location(log onto for locations), and take your receipt to the Lobo ticket office and recieve 2 adult and 2 child season tickets in the Cherry section of University Stadium for only $96. As a married father of four, I'm gonna have to buy 2 family deals to get all of my family into the stadium! LOL!

My point to all of this simple. If you love football like I do, you'll invest in Lobo football this season. I seriously believe that something special is about to happen here in Albuquerque with Mike Locksley as head coach. I can't wait to hear Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN talking about the Lobos as potential BCS busters. Don't think it could happen here in Albuquerque? It happened in happened in Boise, Idaho with Boise St. BOISE?!?! Oh it can definately happen here if it can happen in Boise! We as fans just need to cop an attitude that no one can beat us! Not in our house...not today...not ever. The administration hired a coach (and staff) that is used to seeing a house full of crazed, football saavy fans who make tons of noise and make it very uncomfortable for opposing teams to enter! Lobo fans were always asked to "howl"...I think it's time for the fans of Lobo football to quit howling, and start GROWLING!! ME (AND MY ATTITUDE) ARE GONNA BE AT LOBO GAMES MAKING NOISE THIS SEASON. I HOPE YOU JOIN ME FOR THE PARTY!

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  1. I really like the attitude! Let's do "grass roots" marketing, word of mouth, whatever it takes to pump up this city, and state, for that matter!